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Sometimes, carrying on, just carrying on, is the superhuman achievement.
- Albert Camus, The Fall  (via larmoyante)
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When you live in the dark for so long, you begin to love it. And it loves you back, and isn’t that the point? You think, the face turns to the shadows, and just as well. It accepts, it heals, it allows.

But it also devours.

- Carver, Raymond. Late Fragment.
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So I was the fan that made Tatiana cry tonight. This was after the panel. She found me and pulled me into security and hugged me like 3 times. I also got hugged by Jordan. She was the sweetest human being ever and I thanked her for saving my life. 
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The Hand Series XIV by Anapina on etsy
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Yes mother I have slept for thirteen hours straight but Jesus slept for three days straight and started a religion so I don’t wanna hear it

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Green brim.
Similar look: Gucci Fedora Rabbit-Felt Hat.